Get Involved

Curing Kids Cancer is funding some of the world's most innovative and promising pediatric cancer treatments. Explore the many ways YOU can get involved.

Event Ideas

Rivalry Night

Have your high school or college team challenge your rival to see which team can raise the most money for pediatric cancer research.


Ask your friends to support you as you train for your next 5k, 10k or marathon.


Create a team of supporters as you start out your century, half-century or fun ride.

Give It Up

Ask your friends to support you giving up a regular activity for a month.

Birthday Pledge

Ask friends and family to donate to your fundraiser instead of giving gifts.

Casual Days

If you have a school or work dress code, reward everyone with a casual day if you meet your fundraising goal.

Bingo Night

Charge an entrance fee and have prizes donated for the event. At the end of the night, raffle off a big prize if you reach your goal.