Support Your Favorite Team!

Help fund childhood cancer research while supporting your favorite high school or college sports team. Donate in honor of your favorite sports team and see how they’re doing at supporting Curing Kids Cancer against their rivals! Search for your favorite team, visit the team page and donate to help us find a cure for childhood cancer. If you don’t see your team, let us know at the bottom of the page and we’ll add it! Your donation is one hundred percent tax-deductible.

You can also purchase the same Curing Kids Cancer glow-in the-dark wristbands, lanyards and whistles, or helmet stickers that SEC players wear during our September Awareness Campaign. Purchase your gear!

Curing Kids Cancer helmet stickers featuring the gold ribbon for childhood cancer awareness.
Mississippi State Head Coach Dan Mullen wearing a Curing Kids Cancer lanyard, gold whistle and glow-in-the-dark wristband.

Give in support of your favorite team

Contact us to request to add your favorite team!

volunteer player
A Tennessee Volunteer donning a Curing Kids Cancer helmet sticker during a game.
spurrier screen
Coach Steve Spurrier airs a Public Service announcement for Curing Kids Cancer at the Gamecocks Stadium
Louisiana State University player wearing a Curing Kids Cancer helmet sticker.
University of Georgia players sported Curing Kids Cancer helmet stickers too!

Make Fundraising a Team Effort

Want to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research while cheering for your favorite team? Host a tailgate or viewing party for your friends in honor of Curing Kids Cancer. Have guests make a donation for every touchdown that your team scores. If your team is playing a rival that your friends are rooting for, have the fans of the losing team make a donation to our organization. These are just a few ideas of how to have a great time while helping us in the fight against childhood cancer.

Or get your high school teams to choose a game during September to help raise awareness and money for childhood cancer by wearing our CKC helmet stickers and coaches wearing our gold whistles and CKC lanyards. Get the whole school behind them and sell our glow in the dark wristbands and pass the bucket at half time! Let us know about any other ideas that you have!

Vanderbilt players wearing the Curing Kids Cancer awareness helmet stickers.

Local Teams Also Participate!

In 2015, several local youth and high school teams participated in our awareness campaign, and helped us raise money! Contact us for more information about how your team or your child’s team can participate.

little kids