Annual Campaign

Invest in cutting-edge childhood cancer treatments today by supporting our Annual Campaign, and give kids with cancer the gift of hope! Your financial support makes it possible for us to fund research and training for the doctors and other professionals who are working to end pediatric cancers.

Your donation WILL make a difference!

How to make your Annual Campaign gift

Claire in treatment
Give today to help kids like Chase

To make a one-time donation, or to register your credit or debit card to be automatically charged each month or quarter, click the button below.

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Are these donations tax-deductible?

Yes. Curing Kids Cancer is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. After your donation, you will receive a letter or email with all information needed for tax deductions. Consult your accountant for more details.

Can you send me a reminder in the mail with a return envelope?

In order to reduce mailing costs, we will not be sending reminders by mail. Curing Kids Cancer uses wisely the gifts we receive in order to support the maximum number of hospital and research partners each year.  If you choose to be on our newsletter list, you will receive newsletters periodically by email that may serve as a reminder to give. 

Killian Owen
Killian Owen - Our Inspiration

How much should I give?

The amount you give is a personal decision; only you know how much you are able to give. We recommend one of the following donation amounts:

  • Monthly: $10, $25, $50
  • Quarterly: $100, $250, $500

What if I need to update or cancel my recurring gift?

You can choose to cancel or reduce the amount you give at any time. If you need assistance canceling the automatic deductions from your credit or debit card, contact the email or phone number listed below.

Show your support!

For questions please send an email to Mikaela Hopkins, Account Manager, at or call 404-596-5543.

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